Pogue’S Basics: Life (Paperback)

Sách ebook Pogue’S Basics: Life (Paperback) PDF EPUB PRC miễn phí bản tiếng Anh đọc trên máy tính – điện thoại – máy đọc sách hoặc bạn có thể đọc trực tiếp trên web. Sách Pogue’S Basics: Life (Paperback) thuộc thể loại Home Living, được viết bởi tác giả: David Pogue.


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Did you know that you can use the indented rings on a red plastic cup as measurements for 1, 5, and 12 ounces, the standard serving sizes for liquor, wine, and beer? That a Chinese food box is designed to unfold flat and form i a plate? When you buy aluminum foil or saran wrap, did you know that there’s a press-in tab on the end panel of the box that you’re supposed pop in that acts as an axle for the roll and prevents it from leaping out of the box when you tug? Another extremely helpful piece of advice? Statistically speaking, on average the lowest plane fare for a given ticket is available 52 days before the flight. Following the success of the New York Times bestselling Pogue’s Basics: Tech comes the next book in the series Pogue’s Basics: Life which will be a timeless reference book of 200 simple tips and shortcuts that just make life easier, shedding light on valuable bits of advice and life hacks that already exist in the world around you, but you just never knew! The perfect book for the holidays, Pogue’s Basics: Life will be accompanied by photographs and illustrations, and collects all useful tips and tricks in one place for you to easily access.


Tác giả David Pogue
Ngày xuất bản 12-2015
ISBN-13 9781250080431
Kích thước 210x 134x 15mm
Loại bìa Paperback
Số trang 240
SKU 5252148317082